So, my soup is simmering nicely… Im at four pieces now ! And some of them are surprising, for me 🙂 But I can’t show those pretties, so consider this an intermission of sorts.

Keen readers of this blog might have seen me mention the B’Sue Boutique Creative Group a few times. B’Sue Boutique is the place were I buy a large amount of my supplies, ran by the lovely Brenda Sue and her son Jordan, along with her small team. The service is top notch, and I have never gotten even the slightest problem with any order I have placed.

Brenda does a lot more than sell bits and bobs, she runs a monthly challenge using her brass and components every month, she offer advice to anyone who asks in her facebook group, and she also makes a collection of free videos, usually one every friday. These videos are light hearted, uncensored, funny, and chockfull of amazing information, techniques, and ideas. I personally adore them, and the fact that she keeps her mistake in them. It kind of shatters the whole ‘perfect’ image most tutorials videos will show us, and it gives me the feeling that im right there beside her, watching over her shoulder.

Im going to present to you a few of my favorites, in order to make you, my lovely readers, discover them and fall in love in turn.

Get rid of your resin fear ! It’s easy ! (And addictive.) This video also touches on iced enamels. They’re easy ! (And addictive)

This one was a real eye opener for me. Cameos are a thing I did like as a base, but I hated just how much detail was usually lost in the whiteness of the carving. It never occured to me to do this ! Durr. This is also a good way to do cameo jewelry and yet make it unique, in a way.
I gotta say I’ve really been into tassels lately – I love the flow it adds to a piece ! There are a bunch amazing ideas in this video.
These little charm bracelets are so fun and easy to make ! You can see my takes on them here and here.
This one of a general showcasing of three of my five main tools in my colorization arsenal – Vintaj patinas (though they are more like metal paints than actual patinas), Swellegant (which is actual patina. I don’t dig the dye oxides too much, personally, but the rest of the line is BOSS as hell), and gilder’s paste.