This is my piece for the monthly challenge over at B’sue Boutique Creative Group. for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂

The challenge this month consists of taking this little tie here, or a bowtie, and make something funky with it.

I’ve gotten one of these in a muse box a long time ago, but had never really done anything to it. Well, late is better than ever, right ? I owned a bezel that I thought looked like a funky little flower, and a cab that fit right into it… One thing followed the other, and well…

This might have gone a bit out of hand << I do a lot of assenblage type work, but this was more involved than my usual, and honestly kind of fun ! The leaves and the tie itself were coated in ice enamels, the bezel was painted in lumiere paints. I thought the focal was involved enough that some plain ribbon would do the trick to finish 🙂