/feebly attempts to knocks off some dust from blog

Hi. Yes, I am still alive. I’ve been better, but I am still alive. A lot of things happened in the last… eight months, I do believe ? Needless to say, those things weren’t jewelry. It feels like so much has changed since I was gone, but I am hoping to be able to start making more things (be it more jewelry, or other art endeavors) if only to distract myself a little. It would do me some good, I think.

The assistant definitively missed being an assistant, I think.

I do not have much to offer for this post, only just a bit of word to say that yes, I am alive, no, I am not completely alright, but hopefully things will change for the better soon. I need to remember that hopefully this, too, shall pass.

I actually made my first jewelry piece in those eight months a week or so ago. I believe I shared it on facebook, but I wanted everyone who follows my blog (hopefully there are still some of you lurking about) as well. It came out a lot nicer than I expected it to, given how long I have been out of the loop.

On another note, I will be entering the¬†Bead Soup Blog Party¬†again this year. I am hoping some new components will be able to kickstart my brain once again, and I am hoping to reconnect with others as well. Working on my soups has been a blast, and hopefully choosing which one to send won’t be too complicated. The signups start at midnight and go for all day tomorrow – February 9. This will be the only day for signups, so make sure to drop by tomorrow if you are interested.