I am sad to report that I have nada done yet – thanks to Canada Post OH SO SURPRISELY /sarcarsm failing me when I need it the most. I am in the second reveal, at least, so I am not in true panic for multiple plan B’s just yet.

Still, this makes me grumpy. I want to play with my soup. Speaking of soup…

I think this thing has a mind of it’s own. It’s been assimilating bits and bobs here and there, and has grown about TWICE in size since I received it. If it looks fitting, in the bowl it does. Will I use all of this ? Probably not. This is very different from last year, where I stayed very close and true to the soup Milla sent me for the first pieces then went completely and utterly hog wild on the last pieces.

I seem to have skipped the steady and true part.

So therefore, this is the memetic soup mutation. Full of pink, butterflies, kittens, and unicorn farts. (Seriously, Twilight !)

(With some key parts carefully hidden… kekeke.)