*blows dust off blog, watches bunnies fly by* @.x Wham damn.

Anyway ! If you are looking at this right either, either you followed the master list of the Bead Soup Blog Party, or you were already subscribed – either way, welcome / welcome back !

This year, I will be part of the second reveal date of the BSBP. My partner is the lovely, ever so talented B.R Kuhlman of Mixed Mayhem Studios and AHAHAHAHAHA.

*watches as the collective internet looks at her funny*

Right, girls. Let me tell you a little secret, and why this match up is hysterical beyond all sort of relief.

I’ve known Bee for a good… oh, five years now ? Nearly six.

Bee was one of the two ladies who badgered my ass to start making jewelry. (The other being Sandra, as some may remember)

Bee was one of the two ladies who badgered my ass until I entered BSBP 6. (The other being… Well, same as the above)

Bee is, pretty much, one of my beading mentors.

So, this matchup ? HYSTERICAL.

So here’s a peek at some of her work…

As for the soup ? It is cooked and sent, but I forgot to take pictures. Of course. x.x;