Hi everybody – welcome to my reveal post for the thrift store blog hop ! This has been a very enlightening hop for me. I used to go to thrift stores with my mother when I was younger, and from my memories, there was very little jewelry there. Turn out my memory was wrong, wrong, WRONG. Not only that, but the two thrift stores in my town are very, very cheap. (Sorry, guys !)

It was a good reminder for me that treasures are everywhere, and that you simply need to look for them !

We had a budget of 1.50$. This is what I started with…

(the necklace, not the star) and a pair of hoop earrings that I forgot to photograph that cost me 1$. I used one hoop, so .50. The necklace I got in a lot that cost me .50 as well, so well within budget !

Now, feel free to scroll to the end if you would prefer. I think I got a little carried away with the wip shots. XD;

Hmmm… What could be possibly done with those two objects ?

…A spider, perhaps ?

Well, that’s a strange spider..
Oh, I get it now !
Ta-da. Easy pleasy. ;D
Gilders’ paste make dirty fingers. ;P (I forgot to take a before photo-the leaves were bright green)
It’s the FIIINAL COUNTTTTTDOWNNNN. (Awesome clasp by Lisa of MetalMeThis. It was raw copper, same process as the leaves to get the color on.)
This is where my brain said “screw this” to the inital plan I had and did it’s own thing. I was initially planning to keep this part as-is then string the rest…
…This is what happened instead.
…So I had to think up a plan b. XD
And the end result…

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