Welcome, everyone ! For those not familiar with this blog, my name is Audrey, and I got one of Lisa’s blue destash kits. Today is the reveal date for Lisa’s color surprise challenge… which ended up taking me quite far out my comfort zone, actually. It was pretty fun !

For one, I rarely do work with beads like the one I’ve got. I work mostly with gemstone, shell beads… if I use crystal, they’re usually clear. There was a ton of amazing glass in there, and some plastic. I did ponder what to actually do for quite a while… and the project came out a little unusual… for me, at least.

Okay, I can hear you say. Audrey, shut up and get to the point !

Yes, yes… As a reminder, this is what I started with :

And this is what happened…

I know. Minds blown. But I loved this perticular bead… And it was all alone in my kit. It had no twin. Im usually pretty symetric in my designs… But I still wanted to use it.
And I had brought a mandrel not too long ago…
Now, im not seeing it’s flawless. It’s a little loopy. But it is my first ring… I don’t think it can really be helped. It still came out pretty nice~
Well then, I hope you’ve appeciated this post ! Please go see the other blogs below…
LOL JUST KIDDING ! 8D Certainly that can’t be all, you must think, and you would be right. I gave you the entree… so now for the main course !
I saw this whole assortment of lovely, different beads, and saw MEMORY WIRE BRACELET instantaneously. It had been something I was meaning to try, after seeing B’Sue‘s video where she made one. I had gotten some memory wire from one of my blind boxes orders from UnkamenSupplies… I was just missing beads that worked. And I got beads that worked !
Most of the beads on this bracelet are from Lisa’s destash. The exception being two faceted blue agates I got as freebies, the impression jasper circles, the daisy spacers and the big silver and blue lampwork beads. I am quite in love with the tiny purple and blue beads… Need to find out where to get more << Ohoho.
Experienced memory wire workers willl probably go “wait… that doesn’t lay quite right” at this picture. And they would be right. I couldn’t get the big turquoise (or is it impression jasper ? Hmm.) bead to go through the coils, and I kept cutting my wire too short in spite of counting my rings right. So I had two too-short coils of wire, and one giant stone I wanted to poink in the center anyway.
At first I had it glued in… but the glue overrun was horrible. Removing the glue overrun made everything fall apart. So in the end, I just let more wire exposed and stuck each side as far in as they would go. It holds just fine, thanks to the natural curve of the memory wire, just as long as you don’t go juggling with it or something. The wrist supports the weight of the stone as you wear it so it’s solid when worn.
But that’s me… Always finding a way to cheat an end result, LOL !
And no, I did not end up using the focal. Strange twist of fate… But I will find it an home soon. <3 Hope you’ve enjoyed this and be sure to pay everyone else a visit !
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