It started with one woman, and one bead.

Lampwork bead by Jennifer Cameron.
Part of her Nightmare Insomnia line <3
There was a party, the the bead changed hands. It changed countries, in fact ! The second woman saw the universe, a nebula, trapped in glass.Infinity in something that could be held in the palm on one’s hand.
Add some more inspiration…
Nightmare Imsomnia became Galaxia Insomnia.
The galaxy sways, trapped in it’s bottle, to the backdrop of more distant space. The purple stone is an agate, but it was the patterning of it that made me decide to use it. It sadly has less purple in it than the seller’s photos showed, but it still works well all the same. The lone pink star is cat’s eye. The open beads are metal beads that I rescued from a broken piece I found in a thrift store, and painted with vintaj patinas.Those beads are framed by tiny glass ovals. The clasp is likewise painted in the same manner. Yes, that is a sideway clasp ! My first, in facr.
The stone is much more loosely wrapped than I usually do, because I did not want to steal focus from the lampwork too much. I painted copper bead caps black with the vintaj patinas to help complete the bottle shape. As you can see, Jen’s lovely bead had  copper undertones itself. <3
I dyed the chain with swellegant dyes. The dyes in the swellegant line are very liquidy and less opaque than the vintaj line (which are more like enamels, really) so some of the silver base peek through. It’s an extremely interesting effect that I plan to revisit later on.