Okay, I try to keep this blog mostly light-hearted and on track with my beading endeavors, but im kind of quickly reaching critical mass here.

Im really starting to wish I had never taken this vacation at all. July, so far, has been a trainwreck.

– Plans that have been made have been cancelled without so much of an advance notice at all, or even an apology
– My RL friends are acting like I don’t exist at all
– About 80% of the internet is acting like I don’t exist at all
– Im going through mood swings like a roller coaster thanks to point b and point c, which I will admit is not making people want to stick around for the ride.
– My computer threw a hissy fit, I had to reinstall, and I effectively locked myself out of my AIM account. Motherfuck.
– Attempts to redraw the art I loss thanks to point e had turned into complete and utter fail. Double Motherfuck.
– I got a bunch of jewelry components I ordered today, and they are not how I expected them to be. Triple Motherfuck.

At this point im very familiar with my bedroom ceiling because it seems like it’s all I stare at.

But the most annoying part….

– Everything I try to do turn to shit.


Any attempt to work on Galaxia Insomnia has ended in total and utter failure (sorry, Jen)

My thrift store piece is also suffering from this. I’ve switched focal ideas 4 times, and all four attempts were complete and utter failures.

Grump, I say.


The only good thing is that I don’t have to worry about blog hops deadlines until august 4. But the point remain.


Anyway, enough with the whine. To thank you for your patience, I have included an amusing picture of my assistant after a particularly wild night.

Yep…. He’s sleeping in exactly what you think he is.

Now if you excuse me, I think I need more liquor.