(This is my friday, okay. Bear with me.)

I am freeee. FREEEEEE~ Oh vacation, blissful and lovely and oh-so-awaited, you are mine at last.  And we will do amazing things together. Yesssssss…. So many beautiful and amazing things…

….Through I have three of my five hops cleared out already. Yipes. Im like that. XD; Well, I would if the weather allowed me to take decent pictures, which it doesn’t. Rain and thunderstorms and HAIL (!!!!) oh my ! I’ve been trying to send the rain to Colorado all week and it seems like it’s finally listening…

My assistant is not a fan of this weather. He dislikes thunderstorms – they’re scary and noisy. So he spends most of his time hiding under my dresser, under my desk, or huddled up safe in mommy’s arms. (Though I don’t think he would ever admit the latter willingly, proud furbeast that he is.)

Right now, he has taken refuge in what I have lovingly dubbed the box graveyard. Were boxes go to rest a bit before they are re-used. (I really ought to just shove them in a closet or something…)

I-is this over finally ? >;w;<

Today I finished my work shift (it was slow as shit. You know how it goes. Drip by drip by drip… TORTURE !) then went to the festival briefly. It is a festival mostly centered around dance from all over the world, some cuisine (the tacos are to die for… oh my god) and a space for handmade artisans to sell their wares.

Guess for which reason I go there.

(The tacos help, through.)

It was really a different experience to go there as a crafter rather than someone who sits back to enjoy the shinies. And buy the shinies. (My budget was a lot smaller this year. Wonder why… <<; )

The treasure mall was a lot smaller than it was the last few years, and there were many less artisans this time around. I believe the relocation is partly to blame – less space to go around – but a few of my old favorites were missing. There was an amazing woman from Montreal who made her own lampwork beads out of recycled glass. I planned to get her info and take a lot of pictures.

Well, I ran into two problems.

1) Lady was not there. Sad :<
2) My phone was DEAD.

Smart, Audrey. Smart. So sadly no pictures of the actual fair. There were some interesting things indeed, but most notably there was a vendor who was never there before, Josée Paquet. I chatted with her a bit while trying hard to pick up a piece to buy. She was very nice, and extremely friendly. I could have just sat there and watched her work until the festival closed. Seriously. She gave me the address to a bead store I was not aware of (an actual bead store… full of beads… and jewelry supplies… Google-fu tells me that have an online store as well. Amaaaazing. This should help me out a lot. Less money on shipping = MORE SHINIES. Truefax.)

Eventually I did pick up a piece. The piece that initially caught my eye… But there were so many lovely things. It was an hard pick… But in the end gut instinct won out.

Isn’t her packaging lovely ? (As always, don’t mind the desk. I forgot to put paper down this time. This desk has seen things like you wouldn’t believe…) It’s a cardboard triangle and is held closed by ribbon – different colors of ribbons representing different price ranges. When folded on the other side the cardboard shapes serves as her displays, and then she just needs to fold them the other way to close it up ! Isn’t that amazing ?!

And oh, you ask, but what was inside ?


Sadly I lack the skill to turn it completely display-side up… But isn’t that a lovely focal piece ?? (And yes… I know… Blue… im predictable, okay ??) I really like the dangling chain… It adds a very nice touch. Everything is attached by lobster clasps, so if you want to take the chain off, you can. If you want to take off the two bottom stones, you can as well – and end up with a more simple piece. Josée works with stainless steel chain, and I believe her wire is stainless steel as well.  And those lampwork beads… Yum. Yuuuuum. Very delicious, aren’t they ?

Here’s a better look at this piece for you…

I came home to put it on a chain right away… Well, I tried. The coming home part, not the chain part. My bike was apparently as eager for a vacation as I am – the bearing on my back wheel died on me. Whoops. No harm done, aside from the fact that my pride was a tiny bit bruised as the heavens started to happily pour down on me, and I had to call my daddy to come pick me up.
Moral of the story – no matter how old you are, your daddy always remains your hero. <3