B’Sue has asked a rather important question.

Which of the videos she has made in her 2 years of recording is your favorite ?

My answer to this runs more or like along the lines of ‘Do I have to just pick ONE ???’

Oh man.

For people not familiar with B’Sue and her videos, please go to her channel and check them out. I have sat there over the course of a few weeks and watched them all. B’Sue is a force of nature, and I LIKE that her videos are not scripted and that she shows us the mistakes rather than cut them out and retake. It makes it a little easier to connect with her, and well… Woman’s dang good and hilarious. <3

It is mostly because of B’Sue that I can kind of categorize myself as a mixed-media artist. Dang if I knew what the heck I was before that. XD

I think it all comes down to this, and maybe this is considered cheating in some spheres – but while I can choose favoriteS, I can’t chose A favorite. Please don’t ask me. I can’t. Double dog can’t.

So here it is – my list of my favorite videos B’Sue has recorded.

Spectrum Noir Pens and Metal :

I’ve already blogged about the mini revelation this video caused in me, but it’s worth bringing back to the fore-front. I still need to go pick myself some spectrums before I suck my poor copics dry, oh my !

The Craft Room Tour :

We get to see the ever-elusive Rob in this one. The video makes me fell better about my mess of my bedroom (which looks more like a craft room that happens to have a bed in it at this point). Also many lol-worthy moments at the start of the video. “You’re getting FIRED today !” “Uh oh.” XD
Patinas On Metal : Swellegant :

I was VERY interested in the line before seeing this thanks to Sandra, but this is the video that truly sold me on the line and made me buy ALL OF IT. Eep. I can’t help it – im so visual, so videos makes it so much easier for me to really understand things.
ICE Resin and Bezels, Oh My :

This is a very good and informative video on ICE resin, and I learned how to actually use open back bezels while watching this. The only thing I would add is that letting your part A rest in a bowl of warm (not boiling, just warm) water for 30-40 minutes before you mix will help the part A flow a lot more easily and so you can avoid the great big blobs. It also helps with reducing bubbles.
What I Would Like To See :
  • More Meep ! We know the little rascal sleeps on the job instead of packing orders… Catch him in the act on camera ! Maybe that will righten his ways… ;D
  • More business 101 videos. The one on shipping is very informative and useful, and I’ve learned quite a few things from it in spite of having been shipping internationally for years now.
  • I would like to see a direct link of the components you use in a video into the video’s description. I often see pieces I like in the videos and when I go look for them… Either it takes me forever to find them, or I can’t find them at all ! Having direct links in the description would be very handy, I feel.
  • I’ve love to see more start-to-finish videos. These often are great muse kick-starters – watching B’Sue work on something will often give me an idea of how to put a similar technique to use, but with my own twist to it.
  • Did I mention more Meep ? More Meep is important. But that might be the crazy cat lady speaking.