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Holy shit, ladies.

Holy shit.

Four. Hundred. (I believe the blog post still shows 397, but Lori confirmed we broke 400 on FB)

My assistant and I are both very proud of the record-setting numbers for this bead soup blog party, and feeling for poor Lori. If sugar pie could ship well, girl, I would send you a dozen of them.

What I can do, however, if keep you busy while we wait for our partners ! That’s right. Welcome to my first giveaway !

And what am I giving away, you ask ?

I have a not-so-secret obsession with keys and bottles. I have collected knick-knacks in bottles on necklaces and bracelets for ages now. Then… Eventually… it did dawn to me that I could actually do my own now.

The world might never recover.
In this set there are 5 bottles. Each can either be wire-wrapped along the rim or hung from an eyehook. (I will send you an eyehook for each bottle in a separate baggie, so you can decide weither to use them or not)
Going from left to right :
– bottle with blue and green seed beads (The cork isn’t glued on this one, so if you want to change it up, feel free)
– bottle with black iris/metallic seed beads (ditto) 
– bottle of orange and red seed beads set in resin + red and gold glitter (the effect on this one is very funky. The bottle almost seems to glow in the right light !)

– bottle painted with vintaj patinas (the cork is glued on this one… sorry ! Didn’t think about it)
– bottle with a red and white feather set in resin + red and gold glitter. (Phoenix Down, anyone ?)

I am also sending you three blanks that I’ve stamped and etched with my big kick. Two darling little keys (earrings ? Hmmm~) and a bird. To top this off, there is also a full length of ribbon that I’ve dyed with copic markers. There is enough ribbon here to make a very long necklace, or a necklace AND a bracelet !

And there might also be other surprises, too. Because I like surprises.

So how does one enter to win this ? Well, you don’t need to be participating in the bead soup blog hop. Love is free ! Simply leave a comment here, on this post, and let me know what kind of ideas you get from this set ! (this will have no bearing on who wins, since I am simply going to randomize a number from the comments… But I am curious ! I think that blue bottle would fit quite well with a little drink me tag… Too bad the alice blog hop has passed !)

The giveaway will be open until midnight on June 24. Why ? Because that’s Lori’s target date to have the participants sent out, and well, it’s my birthday and i’ll give things away if I want to. ;P I will roll the winner on the 25th after I come home from work.

I am also willing to send this more or less anywhere, so I don’t care if you live in timbuctu – get enterin’, ladies !