Remember these ?

Well, you should. They are indeed very lovely, and Judy and I have become such amazing friends over that swap, and now we are constantly taking over each other’s beading stash ! (Not that I am complaining… lmao XD)

It took me the longest time to think up that to do with them, but eventually I did…

And this is what came out !

I have no idea how Judy figured out that I loved keys, but I am certainly not complaining. XD They key I painted with my vintaj patinas, as well as the little dangling bell that is attached to it. I used the leather cord I brought from TeaHouseTreasures in order to keep all of the focus on Judy’s lovely beads. Chain could have also worked well, but I did not come up with my handy dandy way of stringing lampwork beads on chain until the next piece I did (which was a few days later)

Maybe on the beads you are sending me now, Judy ? Ahaha ! <3

And the matching piece…

If you are thinking charm bracelet you are thinking right ! 😀 As I get more and more charms and pretties they will be painted and put on. <3