Karen is my twin. There’s no other explanation. We are seriously, honestly, twins, and if we ever go somewhere at the same time we will have the whole damn world asking us if we are sisters. And this is perfectly dang fine with me.

You know how the rule of twins must go, through. There’s the good twin, and there’s the bad twin. She is the bad twin. She’s wicked, and an horrible influence. More or less, she’s a sith lord.

(And she will tell you that I am only the good twin in comparison to her, but that is harmful sith propaganda. Do not believe it !)

And what color does a sith lord need ?

Red, of course !

You know, I love cherry creek jasper. I rarely use warm colors in my designs at all, but cherry creek jasper ? NNNGHHHH. That’s just the kind of red that I dig. I have always admired the pretties from afar, but then it hit me.
Why the *beep* don’t I freaking buy some and use it ?!
So I did.
This is half beading wire and half handmade-chain. Crystal rondelles with small jaspers rounds and bigger fire agate. I’ve had the fire agate for awhile, actually, and it just happened to fit with the jaspers perfectly, and hey, who am I to complain about that ? 
Also I’ve used a thicker gauge of wire on this and the tree than I usually do… And im not too much a fan of it. It’s harder to get the wire to do what I want it to do and the piece doesn’t feel any stronger for it… For chain it’s okay, but wire-wrap not so much, personally anyway. So I will probably go back to 20 gauge. I like using 24 as my finer gauge through, so I will probably keep that.