This was supposed to be Teresa’s birthday present.

Her birthday is in July.

Yup, I failed my willpower check. I failed it hard. But I have a very happy friend, so I would say the trade-off isn’t so bad.

But would’t you ?! Ahhh ! Teresa’s favorite stone is tiger’s eye… As one might have noticed from this.

Everything on this necklace I had to do twice. The first version of the tree only barely looked like a tree, and in spite of my friend’s reassurances I only seemed to grow more and more unhappy with it. When I got my mat order from UnkamenSupplies and it wound up containing the little green drops… Well, Godzilla’s fate was sealed, and the wire-wrap was undone and redone.

Yes, I’ve nicknamed the focal stone on this piece. It is wholly deserving of being named Godzilla I got it from one of my favorite sellers, fallinlovegems. Look at the size of this thing ! (60mmx40mm, more accurately) It’s actually nearly as big as my hand… And while I do have tiny hands, that’s a bit nuts ! I wanted a bigger stone for my first try at making a tree of life, and I don’t regret it at all. If I still had it on hand I think I would re-wrap the tree so that the trunk start a little lower, but oh well. Still rather happy with it.

The chain was also made from scratch, and it’s predecessor was my first try at it. It was horribly uneven, through, so I settled to remake it once I got my wire-looping pliers. What a difference ! Can’t live without em. Each link consist of four daisy brass spacers, a silver leaf charm that I gilder-pasted in african bronze, green glass, and more tiger’s eye. It wears pretty well, too, as I made sure of before sending it to BC to it’s final resting neck ;D