What will I ever do with you ?

Really. I never remember to update this thing. At all. My backlog is quite epic by now too ! Well, I guess im gonna have to chip at it, post by post, and blow the dust off this joint by the time the bead soup blog party rolls around !

Yup. I signed myself up before I could chicken out. Sooooo excited, and yet so nervous ! I just hope the soup ill send out will be good enough.

In the meantime, however ! Let’s pick up right where we left of, shall we ? I still have three more piece from the first necklaces I did for my closest friends to show off, then a few personal ones.

This one is for Becky, who calls England her home. Yes, these necklaces do travel ! The focal is a piece of mookaite that I got in the same destash sale that I got my lapis in. And itsn’t it -gorgous- ???

Why yes, it is. This was also the first time I tried to be a little more fancy with my wire-wrapping. It did not quite come out like I wished, but it was still cute, isn’t it ? Beckly loves pinks and purples, so I stayed inside that realm, with square fluorite beads, cats eyes pink stars, pink quartz and some crystal teardrops to top the look.