I’ve taken part into my very first bead swap in the Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook – and well, I gotta say I got one hell of a welcome. I was matched with an amazing lady – Judy Daly Reganti !

Judy is a lampworker, and oh boy was I ever in for a treat when her envelope showed up in my mailbox today…

I mean look at this ! O_O If I hadn’t already been in love with lampwork, this would have done me in.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we ? I mean, isn’t that texture gorgeous ? The purples and pinks and blues – oh my !
Another closer look for you guys, the top beads on the strand this time.

I am also very much in love with that key. I mean, seriously. I have a non-so-secret love of keys !

Now the hard part – which of the many ideas in my mind will end up being The One ? Well, until then, I still have a tiny bit of a backlog to post through (tho I need to take better photos of some of them – I was lucky today. I took these pictures and it started raining a few minutes after !)

…And I am also lazy. Yes. Alas.

If you are in the BSC, I believe Judy is still looking for some people to swap with – completely worth it !