…What ? Im allowed to make things for myself every now and then.

…Okay I make a lot of things for myself but that’s beside the point. How am I supposed to practice otherwise ? XD I think if I spoiled my friends any more than I do they would hunt me down in my sleep.

True story.

So yes. This one is mine.

Lapis Lazuli is one of my favorite stones. Granted I have a lot of favorite stones, and in fact have even more of those since I started doing jewelry making, but that’s beyond the point here. I got this stone in a destash lot for pretty cheap, and while it’s not -perfect-  I still do adore the crap out of it.

The chips are also lapis lazuli. The stars and smaller rounds are opalite (which I am not addicted to. Nope. Never Evar.) The bigger blue rounds are some AMAZING blue glass beads with silver foil in them. The silver and blue one are I believe window beads ? I work with those kind of bead less, so I am not really as up to date with them.

This necklace is also uneven, which I have no idea how it even happened, but they. It’s mine. At least it happened on the one that’s mine, right ?