You know, I think the hardest parts of doing these really is… well, writing these posts. What can I even begin to say about Sandra ?

Well, for one, I would not be sitting here and writing this if it wasn’t for her. She is a large part of why I am doing this, mostly because she spammed me with endless upon endless jewelry photos and tutorials and her own amazing as hell work (Just scroll down a bit to the BSBP piece, seriously. I STILL WANT THAT. XD), and then attacked upon another angle when my resolve did start to cave, but when I was convinced I probably would have zero talent at this.

I can’t help it. I can’t refuse my sister from another mama. Even if she is the cause of me buying WAY TO MANY THINGS.

(But deep down, I know that is a lie. One never has enough beads/tools/supplies. Ever. XD; )

So I made this for her. <3

Copper is Sandra’s favorite metal, so that was an obvious starting point. The copper matches the rutilated quartz focal very well, don’t you think ? And it will probably looks even better once the metal gains patina.

Sadly I do not think that there exists a photograph in this world that gives any justice to this stone. It. is. GORGEOUS. Enough said.

I stayed in the realm of quartz in this piece, for the most part. The smallest beads are smoky quartz, the ovals are more rutilated quartz. The daggers were sold on a mixed strand at my local craft store so I am uncertain what they actually are. They were sold as agates but there was opalite on that same strand so… XD; Champagne-colored AB crystals as well as two cat’s eye star beads complete the whole thing.