I got a new cellphone. Yes, this is relevant – because see, my old cellphone did not take very good photos.

The Galaxy Nexus ? Well.

Let’s just say that there’s an improvement.

This is the first piece I’ve ever finished, and it is a gift to the amazing Bee, without which I would be a much lamer girl. Fo serious. She’s awesomesauce. She handled all my questions yet without killing me in my sleep, so she has to be. <3

Bee loves labradorite, so of course that was my starting point. The necklace is almost entierely labradorite, actually. The smallest beads are labs, with some black labs, opalite, and crystal thrown in. Shine shine shine~ !

Now that I finally can take decent pictures, then hopefully I will post more religously. Ahem. XD