Storytime, boys and girls.

You might remember this fuckery. Yeah, im not even sure how I even thought this was good, myself, but details. I like to call it the Labradorite Incident. It’s an extremely sad tale, and I think it is time to tell it, now.

The whole thing was not as stable as I thought. In fact… it was not. Long story short – you see that pretty stone ? It went flying.

It fell.

Right in my heating vent.

This was one of the most sickening sounds I felt in my whole life. Needless to say I combed as much of the airduct and furnace as humanly possible and never found the stone again. I think this is safe to say that poor, insanely pretty stone is quite gone.


But we cry, we live, and we learn.

What came out of the Labradorite Incident ?

Stay tuned. ;D