There’s a method behind my madness. No, really. It’s called try a little bit of everything and see what sticks.

Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it just plain fails catastrophically, and im left to nurse my broken ego and lick my wounds.

But sometimes… Sometimes I manage to blow my own mind.

This is one of those times.

Wire-wrapping scared the shit out of me. It just seemed like the cabochon would never be secure in there, that it would fall off and probably break, and oh my god one of my cabochons don’t even have an HOLE how will I secure this shit and ALL THAT FREAKING BENDING ? Oh lords in heaven.

But then I sat on my butt last night and, under the careful eye of my assistant (well, I think he was looking. Sometimes. In between naps), I did this. Labradorite on bronze wire. This is actually my second attempt – the first had straighter rolls of wire, but I made the bottom too wide and the bead wouldn’t stay in it. Sadness. I still say that for a first attempt it’s pretty mindblowing.

From the front the unevenness is not that easily seen, actually, beside on the bottom. Which I now notice is completely uncenter WHOOPS. I guess I wanted the sides to line up more and lost track of what was going on down there.

The back is almost prettier. XP Almost.  The front strands did snap when I was finishing so I had to improvise in there.

I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of practice to make but I want my other cabochons to come in so I can wrap them, aha ! Maybe ill get lucky today…