The design is quite different than I first wanted it to be – initially I wanted to string the beads on the chain itself, but no go, need beading wire for that. Im expecting to get those packages this week. So I made eyepins with my wire and hung them from those instead, it’s kind of simple but cute.
I need to learn to wait until daylight to take pictures <<

I know, it’s simple, but it’s my first piece. Overall it wasn’t hard, and I learned a lot, which was the point.
Things I learned –
* Jump rings are a pain in the ass to open with one tool and fingers. Just use two tools, stupid.
* My brother loves to startle me while im trying to open jump rings.
* Finding jump rings on the floor sucks.
* I need a better glue, this one sucks. The back of the setting is a mess. Will order some once I get paid.
* If you need to tinker with a setting’s back, do it before gluing the cabochon in next time. Getting this to dry and hold was a pain since I couldn’t get it to lay flat.
* Wire-wrapping is easy.
* GOOD wire-wrapping is HARD. Definitively need more practice. I’ve never used round-nose plyers before, which doesn’t help.
One design down, moar to go, and more practice for meeeee.