I figure that while the parts for my first ever necklace are drying (!!!), I’ll go ahead and have you meet my assistant. He is of very great help to my creative process and my overall happiness, therefore I feel it is quite important you all become familiar with him.

‘Hello, internets !’

Meet Manic the cat. As a kitten, he deserved his name, trust me. Everything breakable in this house could and did break, including the sanity of my family. Sadly I don’t have any photos from this time, so you’ll have to believe me when I say that he was the most adorable, tiny, destructive whirlwind you’d ever met.

As a 12 years old cat, he’s mellowed down quite a bit, as can be expected, and has retired from a life of mayhem into the more simple life of a bedwarmer and purrbox.

Let’s make that ‘everything’ warmer…

He’s trouble still, trust me, but less than he used to. He likes to sit in my bed and watch me type, and purrs me to sleep nearly every night. Whenever im upset or sad he seems to simply know, and these times are the very rare ‘allow me to willingly nest on you rather than your stuff’ times. He doesn’t like to actually be on us per-se, but he definitively likes to be near me as much as felinely possible, and unless he’s taking a nap with my father, he is often in whatever room I happen to be at that time.
He’s a big baby, and he loves open windows, even in the dead of winter. He wears an harness and can in fact be walked on a leash… but only if he allows it. He’s a cat, after all.
Manic likes sparkle balls, feathers, laser pointers, and napping. I presume that the second I drop a bead on the floor in his presence he will like that too. Erm <<; Though he is a very well behaved assistant. He often naps right below my necklace display and doesn’t bother the shinies at all.
‘Look, this whole meet the internet thing is tiring.
I’ll be here if you need me…’

Next. a necklace ! If this thing ever dries…