Testing, testing… Is this thing on ?

So hi ! Welcome to my blog. Im Zero. I live in Quebec, Canada, and english is my second language, so please excuse the language abuse. It’s not intentional. :> I am 25 years old at the time of this writing, and I’ve always been a creative person at heart, through the way in which I express this creativity has changed over the years. I’ve done embroidery and quilting when I was young, and am pondering taking it up again. I draw, mostly using natural media, and I’ve dabbled in custom ponies for a time, through I don’t do it as often as I did. I very much enjoy hand-crafted items in general.

The reason for this blog is that I am quite happily part of a terrible trio of doom. Bee is the temptress, luring me into all sort of naughtiness. Sandra is my sister from another mother, plain and simple. XD Both have been very dear and near friends to me for many years, always here for me when I needed it and willing to kick my ass as needed. I adore them both. 

Notice a common thread in between those two blogs ? Well, as you might guess, these two amazing ladies have finally roped me into trying out jewelry-making for myself. For now, I don’t intend to sell my creations like my dears do, but who knows what the future might hold ? Certainly not I. That would be boring.

This blog will showcase wips, finished pieces, and whatever else I find interesting and worth sharing with you. I am pretty much a newbie at this, and while I’ve been devouring tutorials in my spare time like a fiend, asked more stupid questions than physically possible and hassled the other parts of the terrible trio to no end, this will be my first true venture into anything jewelry related. This is both exciting and a bit scary, to be honest, but hopefully the excitement keeps overriding my fear of ridicule. 😉 I am still waiting on a ton of supplies (the closest craft store to me is 45 mins away, so I do most of my shopping through the internet), but I have gathered the basic tools and knowledge I will need, and I already have a ton of designs planned out !

I don’t intend to update this every day, but I do hope ill keep up with it. My mind is like swiss cheese, full of holes. Alas.

I adore gemstones and am a pretty modern person, design-wise, so I expect that my style will be more similar to Bee’s than Sandra’s, through im sure she will find ways to inspire me. She always do. Sister from another mama that she is 

So, welcome to my little spot on the internets. More information about the crazy lady driving this blog will come shortly.