Hi, my name is Audrey. Sometimes I do things. 95% of the time, I don’t do things.

I realize there has been quite a long bout of radio silence. I spend the summer pursuing other hobbies but then things got pretty complicated as fall rolled in. I don,t really want to lay my troubles here when you are all here for shiny things, but I will say that things turned out a lot better than I thought they would turn out at the time.

But I will always do my best to be present for events by the lovely Lori so, here I am agaiu. Doing things. Ot at least pretending I can do things. At this point, qualifying any of my stash as ‘hoarding’ was not a problem at all, but the problem was, rather, which bit and which piece ?

So I decided to use something I bought right before life decided to throw me a curve.

(I must apologize for the subpar photo here. I, as always, forgot to take a picture before I began working, and this was the only thing I could find !)

I love, love, love, LOVE Moriah Betterly’s ceramic work, and when she started doing kits of the months, this was the first, and I knew I had to snatch it up. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do with half of these amazing, tiny work of art, but I never quite got to execute the concept. They didn’t change much in the time I finally set out to do this. I set out to do at least two pieces, and that is what I did.

Again, I must apologize, these photos won’t be the best. I had a goalpost in my mind that pretty much consisted of finishing the necklace today (friday) to take pictures saturday to try to catch the scarce canadian light, then post sunday. Ha, ha ha ha… Anyone sees the problem here ? Thank to the amazing Lori for posting a reminder on facebook and therefore saving my ass so I acrually do have SOMETHING to show.


This cuff was literally what I bought the kit for. I went with the butterfly time by including flowers and leaves, as well as some other bits and bobs. Nothing you will see here has been bought, by the way – every single piece came out of my existing stash. I used an assortment of czech glass beads, as well as some agate and impression jasper I had left over from other projects. The cuff base consists of two skinny cuff bases from B’Sue Boutique that I fixed the cuff piece onto with a combination The of glue and apozie sculpt.after wrapping them in sari cloth. Once the apoxie was set, I wire wrapped the cuffs as well as the flowers and beads, gluing in the leaves as a last touch.


But every wrist shiny needs a neck shiny, right ? Well, neither pieces are shiny, per-se. But they are shinies. Trying to think up on how to translate the cuff design into a necklace wasn’t suer easy at first, so I settled into using mostly cloth with metal accents and more danglies. The necklace got a little heretic because I ran out of 24g wire at EXACTLY the last cloth wrap. Phew… That was a close one.

I can’t claim for sure that both pieces are 100% completely finished. Im not sure if I like the loops on the cuff, right below the butterfly. It looks kind of… odd to me ? I was thinking about cutting those loops off and using a pierced brass stamping to give it a cleaner look, but time got ahead of me. The necklace feels like it is missing something, too, but I can’t seem to think up what it could be. So feel free to put your thoughts and ideas in the comments !

Thank you for dropping by ! I hope the dust didn’t bother you too badly. Please give everyone else a visit as well !

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