Merry unbirthday to me ! Merry unbirthday to me !

Eh ? What, it’s totally my unbirthday, did you honestly forget ? My partner is the lovely D Lynne Bowland, who lives in the Atlantic region of Canada !

Lynne’s birthday is in october, so my weapon of choice was peridot… Or at least peridot hues. I did a bit of both, you see…

My apologies for the less than stellar pictures. This was taken before the camera / light box combo entered the equation, and I wasn’t able to retake new pictures before sending the set off to Lynne. 🙂

This is handmade chain, as I often do – the bigger green rounds are glass (I do not think it it czech glass, but I am not sure. I’ve had these for quite a bit), the little chips are actual peridot chips. The clasp is linked to the chain solidly by sari ribbon.

The focal is a golden hoop rescued from a broken pair of earrings. Peridot chips are wrapped along the inner section of the hoop, and a peridot-colored crystal hangs from the top.

The matching earrings follow the same basic idea as the necklace links – peridot chip and the green glass beads.

My birthday is in june – and there are a bajilion birthstones for June ! Seems like every chart likes to say something different… Common stones to see are pink quartz, alexandrite, pearls. Lynne decided to take a bit of everything – for amazing results !

I will be the first to admit – beadweaving blows my mind. It honestly does. I do not think I will ever have either the patience or the skill for either… And look what showed up at my doorstep ! Breathtaking, isn’t it ? I love this necklace.

Lynne made that amazing focal, too. Isn’t it breathtaking all of it’s own ? I love how she added peridot hues to link us together 🙂

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