Will the day come when the cooped bird
in the cage has a dream?
If I can stay by your side when you shed tears
my will to stay here shall never waver

This is my second piece for the march challenge over at B’Sue Boutique Creative Group – kitchen sink jewelry. Im glad I managed to wriggle this one in before the end of the month !

It all started with the cameo. I’ve always thought this cameo in perticular and wanted to use it… But how ? When ? My jewelry isn’t very classical, how can I fit a cameo in this mess ?? (Ha.)
Well, my perception of cameos was drastically altered by my mother. See, my mother LOVED cameos. She had so many of them. Necklace, brooches, earrings, pins… She was in love with them, and my father brought her to many of them. They are these small, dainty little things.
Nothing like this piece, I can tell you ! This was so much fun to make. The frame was used upside down to give me more hanging opportunities. I didn’t like the way it sad in the frame, so I used crystal clay and embelished it with transparent chatons. That gives it a completely different look ! The frame itself is glued on a tiny necklace stamping from B’Sue, that was wrapped with some green brass filigree that I got in a muse box.
This is my first time manipulating filigree like this, and it was easier than I thought !

The three little nests were wired by hand, and were actually my very first case of actual feline help in jewelry execution. You have to work with a lot of wire to make these, and it’s too much for a cat to resist ! One nest is made with opalite round beads with copper wire, which I darkened with Swellegant afterward.  The second nest is brass wire with spectra beads (the big ones, the small ones would be better if you want tiny little nests). The third nest is copper with spectra beads, once more.

I,ve hung keys that I got from one of the muse boxes I brought from Brenda (she offer special ones to the facebook group every friday), and I glued some lovebirds on one of the keys. Make it look extra fancy, doesn’t it ? 🙂

The word sticks were painted by hand. I think I need a little more practice, but it gives it a whole different style, doesn’t it ? The ‘bird’ stick has a bird stamping glued on it – I simply cut the loop off neatly. I used vintaj patina on all of these pieces – the verdigris color. Hm, this is Brenda’s favorite color, isn’t it ? Wonder what’s up with that…
The flowers are bead caps that I’ve had for… oh, forever and a day. I always loved them, but I never thought of using them this way before. The center are spectra beads, and they are glued on for the most part. (I know, I know, bad Audrey, kitchen sink is wiring…)
The chain is bookchain, and oh god I am IN LOVE with the stuff ! It is such amazing chain… a nice weight, feels so good in your hand. I am definitively investing in more of this when I can. The chain is wrapped with sari ribbon for texture.