…It doesn’t matter where you are.

So, hey, long time no actual… stuff, right ? Well, that is not really the case – just that most of it is tied to reveal dates. This piece is not, though, so I can actually share it. Yay yay.

This piece started as a simple entry for Brenda’s march challenge – about kitchen sink jewelry. What in the ever loving hell is kitchen sink jewelry ? Well, I’ll leave that for the master to clarify.

Then it kind of ran away from me. I didn’t expect kitchen sink to be so addicting. I had issues with the mail that delayed the completion a lot, for one (thank you, Canada Post, nearly failing me as always). Brenda’s geisha was a definite inspiration, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.

And so resulted a monster that did not even attempt to pretend to fit on the form. Hope none of you are too badly shocked.
The necklace wraps around, as you can see, to show off the lovely handmade clasp from Catherine Pruitt of BooBeads. Love love love love LOVE these claps. I want all of them, ktnxbye. It says ‘Follow your own star’, and I wired an opalite star to it. Some ribbon is looped though the lower part of the chain, and you can see the little rounds peeking on top.

I basically threw on everything that I liked on this. Blue beads, opalite, star beads, little bottles, keys… You know, everything but the kitchen sink ! My first attempt was too ambitious – it was too heavy to wear ! So I had to take everything off and start over.

The focal is a bezel that I painted with the vintaj inks, scattered some of my star chain and some of my spacers on, then poured resin into. The moon maiden and the wish charm where glued on at the very end, when my maiden finally decided to show up in my mailbox.
So what did I do with all the extra crap ?
Heh. 😛 That’s not even all of it… I’ve got some things to unwire still.