Once upon a time, in a location not so far away from there, there was a girl. 

One day, in her wanderings, the young girl fell into a hole – let us call it a rabbit hole, to keep things simple – along with her fuzzy old cat companion. Inside that hole, the girl was entering into a whole new world, and she was confused – and scared, yes, we shall say – by all the new things she had to learn and understand.

But she was not alone.

The queen of hearts was here – a beautiful woman clad in pink from the tip of her hair to the her toes – ready to help and guide all those who entered her realm. The queen of hearts is a busy woman, certainly, but she was always ready to do more, more, always more… Even if it was more than enough, even when the pain set in, she always found the strength within for more, somehow.

Today, the young girl and her cat will honor the queen of hearts.

Dear Lori –
Do you realize how much you do, love ? How much you’ve done ? For me, for all those of us who are participating today, for everyone ? You give, and give, and give so much – so much time, so much of your knowledge, so much of yourself.
And you’ve created a community – a community of the likes I thought did not exist anymore, a community of  
Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you do. For me, for the BSBP, for the Pantone swaps, for the Bead Soup Cafe, for the bead soup store, for the book… for everything. The words do fail me, honestly, and I have no idea how to thank you – how to properly thank you – from a country away. Hopefully the words I can muster will have to do. <3
And for you… Well. You are the only person I’d tolerate wearing pink in my hair for. Im the Princess of Blue, see. <3
With love,
Audrey BΓ©langer
(and Manic the cat)