Summer lovin’ had me a blaaaaaast~

Summer lovin’, happened so faaaaaaaast~

 Oh ? You’re here for the reveal of the Summer Lovin’ challenge, not my horrible singing ? I should have known !

Just as a reminder, this is what I started with…

And this is what happened !

But Audrey, I hear you say. That isn’t summery at all !

Well, im not going to deny. But take a closer look, will you : What cute little leaves do you see on that adorable little tree up in there ?

MAPLES LEAVES. That’s what. Perfectly warranted. Woop woop.
Save for the chain links, the maple leaves and the daisy spacers, everything I used here came from Amy’s kit. 

I do not usually do mixed metals… But the focal was more or less begging for it. I made my own chain from links off a brass chain I had laying around, brass jump rings and silver wire. The leaves were clear lucite leaves, that I colored with gilders’ paste – one of my earliest loves – in colors silver and inca gold.

To finish wish, I ended it with some sari ribbon. I like the almost grungy look of it… Contrasts with the elegance of the chain a bit :>

But by the end, I had two links left over..

Problem solved !

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and please visit the other participants ! 😀

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